Privacy Policy

1. Scope

The Privacy Policy is applicable to personal data of registered users and visitors of the 911 Vintage website operated by ELFER BVBA, De Limburg Stirumlaan 24/2C, 1780 Wemmel, Belgium.

2. General

911 Vintage complies with all the legal provisions of data protection. All protected personal data collected during registration and/or generated during the use of our service that are subject to the protections of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (CPP) will be collected, stored and used exclusively for the purpose of contract fulfillment, market research as well as billing purposes to the extent that the subscriber has not given express consent to a use going beyond this. By using 911 Vintage U specifically agree in the usage/collection/exposing and saving of your personal data as been described in our GENERAL TERMS  and this PRIVACY POLICY. 911 Vintage keeps the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, so it is suggested to take a look at our Privacy Policy from time to time. Important changes and updates will be communicated by email.

3. Types of Data Being Processed

911 Vintage processes the subscriber’s contact data (e.g., name, address, account information and data collected through direct communication), data about services obtained (e.g., when a certain ad was published and which dealer’s package was booked), payment data, data of advertisements (e.g., texts, pictures), as well as surfing data (e.g., which browser is used by a visitor of the website and which elements of the website he used, geographical locations). 

4. Processing of Data by Third Parties and Outside of Belgium

911 Vintage may have data processed by third parties and outside of Belgium.

5. Analytic Tools

911 Vintage may use third party services to analyze surfing behavior of its website visitors. Those third parties may process the surfing data visitors create on our website. Data collected this way can be transferred anonymously to servers of those third parties, also outside Belgium.

6. Social Media Plugins

The website integrates functions (so called plugins) of various third party operators of social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Those plugins allow visitors to share content in social networks.

If a plugin appears while surfing on the 911 Vintage website (e.g., the Facebook “like” button), a connection to the servers of the corresponding operator is automatically established. In this case data about the visit to the 911 Vintage website may be transferred to this third party operator. If the visitor is logged into the network of the third party operator at the same time, the data can be assigned to the visitor’s social network account (e.g., the Facebook account).

911 Vintage cannot influence the way this data is transmitted. Please refer to the contractual data protection clauses of your social network operator to find out more about the purpose and scope of the data collection and the further distribution and use of the data by your operator, as well as about the possibilities the operator grants you to protect your privacy.

7. Cookies

911 Vintage uses cookies. Cookies are data packages which are being sent by the 911 Vintage web server to the browser of the registered user or visitor, saved on such browser’s computer, and can be recalled by the web server once the registered user or visitor revisits the 911 Vintage website. Cookies save information about the registered user's or visitor's online preferences and allow 911 Vintage to improve its user experience.

Any user can delete cookies at any time in his or her browser and deactivate the storage of cookies on his or her computer thereafter. However, the deactivation of cookies may impair the functionality of the website of 911 Vintage.

8. Financial Standing

911 Vintage may process data about the financial standing of its subscribers if needed.

9. Data Security and Back-Up

911 Vintage will take the financially reasonable, technically possible and proportional measures to secure data and information that the registered users transfer to the website (e.g., texts, pictures). 911 Vintage, however, accepts no liability of any kind for the security of the registered user's data. It is the registered user’s sole responsibility to store a current back-up copy of the data transferred and store it independently from the website.