911 Vintage is here to help you find that Porsche 911 you've desired for all your life.

1. We are 100% Porsche 911

Our classifieds database consists only of Porsche 911 cars, our blog only treats content related to the Porsche 911 and our commercial partners are all inherently passionate about the Porsche 911.

2. We are obsessed with detail

Our mission is to help you find the 911 of your dreams. That is why all cars on 911 Vintage are rated based on their desirability, state and rarity. On top we offer a search engine that encompasses a comprehensive overview of much sought-after options with one of the most in-depth colour databases available.

3. We are all about the Porsche 911 dream

Our hopes for 911 Vintage is that it can leverage the power of the internet to bring fellow Porsche 911 enthusiasts together, just like on our Facebook fan community. After all, what is more comforting than selling your beloved 911 to another passionate Elfer fan? We are mega 911 fans ourselves and are proud to help support the car's legacy.

Private and Business User Accounts

911 Vintage subscribers have the choice between opening a private user account or a business user account. A private user account is intended for users looking to sell their own 911(s), whereas a business user account is the solution for companies that sell a wide offering of 911s on a consistent and professional basis.

Launch Promotion: upload your first car for free!

As a launch promotion both private and business users can upload one Porsche 911 car free of charge. This launch promotion is valid  until December 31, 2017. 

Buying extra classified slots

Private and business users can decide to purchase additional classifieds slots in case they desire to upload more than one Porsche 911 for sale on 911 Vintage. Slots can be purchased in accordance with below pricing overview.

Make your Porsche 911 stand out
Users can further expand the reach of their offerings on 911 Vintage by using one of below three options:
  1. Pin to top: your Porsche 911 will be visible at the top of our classifieds list for one full month
  2. Highlight: publish your Porsche 911 in our 'Featured Classifieds' slider on our homepage
  3. Publish to Facebook: we offer the unique chance to have your Porsche 911 featured on our Facebook community with over 900,000 likes
For business users we are always open to leverage 911 Vintage capabilities on Facebook further in a differentiated way. Contact us for a tailored plan.

DISCLAIMER: To ensure continuous top quality standards on 911 Vintage, all registered classifieds will be subject to regular review by 911 Vintage and may be refused or cancelled. In case of refusal or cancellation by the 911 Vintage team for reasons of quality assurance the user will be refunded in full.

Package prices shown in EUR currency, although other currencies are supported through our online payment provider. All prices include country-specific VAT. Classifieds remain online for 12 months as of the day they are uploaded, unless decided otherwise by the user.
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