This was Techno Classica 2017!

Techno Classica never ceases to amaze us. The sheer endless collection of highly valuable classic cars on display is just fascinating. The experience of walking around, visiting the dealership stands and enjoying the cars up close, even those costing well over 1 million Euro, is very humbling.

Every year Techno Classica seems to develop itself even further as the Walhalla for the Porsche 911 enthusiast. Established dealerships are there to present the cream of the crop in the Elfer arena. So many rare 911s in one space can distort reality, that much is certain after seeing countless Carrera RS cars...

Back to reality… Here’s our top pick of Techno Classica 2017!

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0L (G Series)

We ran into this car relatively early on in the day, so early in fact that we needed to read up on the details of the car on display to make sure that we were looking at the real thing. And it was real allright!

Like its 2.7L predecessor, the Carrera RS 3.0L was built to homologate a completely new breed of 911 factory race car; the Carrera RSR 3.0L. Only 55 units were built across 1974, a staggering difference compared to the 1,580 Carrera RS 2.7L cars that left the factory just a year earlier. This qualifies the Carrera RS 3.0L’s unicorn status in 911 history. A hall of fame only matched by a handful of cars.

But the Carrera RS 3.0L is not only a rarer-than-rare 911. It’s also stunning to look at. Where the 2.7L was more refined in the way it presented its racing pedigree, the 3.0L is not even attempting to make you doubt its pureblooded origins. It boasts a much wider stance, with bigger fenders and a near-endless spoiler. The massive rubber-edged whale tail was indeed a worthy replacer of the legendary duck tail. 

The 911/72 flat-six was upgraded with new cylinder heads with larger inlet ports as main feature. This air-cooled powerhouse produced 230bhp, which made the lightweight car capable to sprint to 100km/h in just under six seconds. Top speed stood just below 250km/h.

Pricing was available only on request. A similar 3.0L RS car was sold by RM Auctions at Amelia just last month for a whopping $1,375,000. So much for making an improvised offer on the spot…

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