The highlights of this year's Porsche Days

The Porsche Francorchamps Days were scheduled a month earlier versus previous years, which being April in Belgium meant that chances of poor weather and a subsequent low turnup were very high. Luckily enough, the biggest Porsche meeting in Europe fell just into a week of unusually sunny, nearly summer weather which convinced plenty of enthusiasts and 911 owners alike to take the trip to the mythical Spa Francorchamps racetrack.

The number of Porsche specialists presenting cars for sale was very limited versus previous editions, giving way to plenty of Porsche parking space just next to the track. The absence of special Porsches on sale was largely compensated by the varied number of special cars that made it to the event. Here are our most remarkable takeaways.

Special Order 996es

The 996 deserves more love from enthusiasts, plain and simple. Latest pricing trends seem to show slight indications that we have finally started to embrace this generation of the 911. They are still dirt cheap compared to other generations, yet specific mint examples seem to be fetching better prices lately. The time to look for a great 996 is now, and when the perfect daily 911 is your pick then we would recommend to search for a great Carrera 4S or Turbo to suit your needs.

This Turbo finished in Zanzibar Red is a rare sight. Zanzibar is perhaps most known as a colour for first-generation 996 GT3s. Perhaps it isn't everybody's cup of tea, but we still give praise to the owner for enjoying this very rare and neat Turbo. It provides somewhat of a refreshing step away from the Silver and Black tones that are so common for this model. 

Another 996 showstopper was this elegant Carrera 4S finished in stunning Lagogrün. This is a perfect example to complement the 'make green great again' movement of late. A complex colour, adaptive sports seats and manual transmission make this mint condition 996 a perfect catch for daily driving with a smile.

The GT3 remains the undisputed trackday king

There has never been any dispute about the GT3s absolute status as the ultimate 911 for the track. The sound of its flat six remains music to our ears, with each downshift sparking levels of enthusiasm for every petrolhead.

This year's Porsche Days brought us a countless number of mostly brand-new GT3s to observe in an unprecedented colour palette. It is remarkable how much colour variation is growing from one generation of GT3s to the next. And that's a good thing. We still struggle to figure out which colour would carry our preference...

All those hot laps can make a GT3 quite thirsty.

The cream of the crop was perhaps this Guards Red GT3 Touring whose Belgian owner also has a 964 Carrera RS in the same finish. One would be green with envy for less!

Introducing the first GT2 RSes in action

The latest behemoth of the 911 range was also very present at this year's Porsche Days, with a total of four recently delivered GT2 RSes counted during our day at the event. The first car was a GT Silver example with Weissach Package and satin black magnesium wheels, presented on display by Porsche Belgium in the special '70 years' exhibition setup in front of the main paddock area.

The second car was the only one to not feature the extreme lightweight Weissach Package, finished in non-metallic Crayon which is definitely the number one fashionable colour choice for a Porsche today. 

A third GT2 RS was spotted in its natural habitat i.e. on the track. On the straight through the finish line at Spa it was very impressive to observe how the GT2 RS managed to pass just about any other 911 in a seemingly effortless fashion.

The most powerful 911 ever was clearly built for one single purpose, which is to own the racetrack on which it is put to the test. This GT2 RS was the most soberly specced example (can we even use that word to describe this car?), finished in Jet Black with magnesium centre locks in gold.

The most colourful GT2 RS was visiting all the way from Luxemburg, finished in Guards Red with Weissach Package and golden magnesium wheels. Red is easily dominant in the GT2 provided its standard two-town red and black interior trim, yet in the right spec it can work out quite well.

In a brief chat with the car's owner we learned that he had initially planned to order a GT Silver car but switched to Guards Red after receiving the build slot. He did not regret it a second and claimed the GT2 RS was "as easy to drive a Golf but insanely fast and with tons of grip". We recon to take him on his word.