Our top 10 picks at this year's Porsche Days!

The Porsche Francorchamps Days is an annual highlight for Porsche lovers alike, not necessarily because it is (probably) the biggest Porsche meeting in continental Europe, but more because of its setting. The circuit of Spa Francorchamps is one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world, favoured by many legendary drivers and home to a racing history that most contemporary circuits can only dream of.

Spa is also revered for its unique weather conditions. Experiencing four seasons in a weekend is quite common for the jewel of the Ardennes, and the Porsche Days 2017 were no exception. Luckily Sunday was overall very sunny, convincing many Porsche owners to take their prized possession out for a visit to the mythical circuit.

As hard as it is to choose a few top picks between hundreds of wonderful flat six machines, we have put ourselves to the test to identify those 10 cars that stood out to us. Rarity and value are easy criteria to make a pre-selection, but we’ve also made sure to not forget about other cars that speak to the soul because they are in absolutely mint condition.

10. Porsche 991 GT3 RS

With production numbers over 6,000 units the 991 GT3 RS was the first 911 RS model to have its rarity debated about. Nay sayers may even add that the RS is less rare than its GT3 brother. Regardless in which camp we may find ourselves, there’s no denying that a GT3 RS is always a pleasure to encounter. Not in the least at Spa, where admittedly there are an awful lot of them nowadays. 

That makes it an even greater pleasure to spot a paint-to-sample GT3 RS. This particular example is finished in Racing Yellow on black wheels fitted with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB). The interior trim was finished in black with yellow stitching, ‘GT3 RS’ decals in yellow and, most particularly, an all-yellow roll cage. Wonderful spec!

9. Porsche 911 G Series Cabriolet “250,000th 911” Commemorative Edition

It may come as a surprise for some, but Porsche’s taste for special edition variants of the 911 is not at all a recent trend. Back in 1987 Porsche built a very limited run of 911s to commemorate the 250,000th 911 to roll off the production line. Mind you, exactly 20 years later we celebrated the one-millionth 911!

The Commemorative Edition 911, also known as the Jubilee Edition, featured a Diamond Blue Metallic with matching Fuchs wheels and a silver blue interior trim. The sports seats have Ferry Porsche’s signature embossed on the headrests. The cars featured a comprehensive equipment level as standard including painted wheel centres, sunroof, electric seats, short shift gear lever and luxury carpet option. The car was mechanically identical to a standard 3.2L Carrera G50. Only 875 Jubilee Cars are said to be produced, making it a rare sight and a pleasure to spot amidst other rare 911s at Spa which are much easier to identify by their colour or spoilers. 

8. Porsche-Kremer 997 K3R

If you know your Porsche history then there’s a sure chance you’ve heard about the Cologne-based Kremer Racing Team. The legendary Kremer team ruled the GT class from the 70s to the 90s with mostly 935-based Porsche 911 race cars, but also with the mythical Porsche 962 to name just one. The team’s victory at Le Mans in 1979 with their own Kremer 935 K3 “Moby Dick” vested their position in Porsche history for decades to come.

The team is still very active in racing today and also provides maintenance and tuning service for both street legal and race ready 911s. They recently introduced the street-legal Kremer 997 K3R, based on a 997 Turbo and taking a lot of visual cues from the legendary Kremer 935 cars. Just look at that whale tail! Kremer is expecting to build no more than 12 K3R cars per year which, upon customer request, can deliver up to 850hp.

7. Porsche 911 G Series SC/RS

The concept for the 911 SC/RS was born out of the need for Porsche to provide the legendary Rothmans racing team with a Group 4 rally car to enter international rallying. As Group 4 homologated cars later be transferred to the new Group B rally class regulations without change, Porsche based the SC/RS on the earlier 3.0L flat-six SC unit rather than the newer 3.2L unit to avoid falling under a capacity class with higher weight restrictions. Only 21 SC/RS cars were produced for model year 1984. This Bastos SC/RS example is the '84 Belgian Rally Championship winner. Quite the pedigree!

6. Porsche 991 R

This particular car is a true paint-to-sample 991 R, finished in a wonderfully retro Light Ivory paint with red striping, standard metallic wheels and black interior. The combination is simply beautiful and we were happy to see the car being used properly, i.e. blasting across the track!

5. Porsche 993 Turbo S

With only 345 examples built, the 993 Turbo S is coming from another age where its pedigree was only available to a select crowd of 911 buyers. The Turbo S was the preserve of Porsche’s Exclusive department and was fitted with unique mechanical upgrades as well as a set of wonderful aesthetic enhancements over the standard Turbo. Read all about it in our earlier post!

This particular black Turbo S was a new sight at the Porsche Days, contrary to the French Turbo S that has become a regular visitor over the past year. We’ll let the pictures do the talking, as the car is in truly exceptional state.

4. Porsche 997 GT2

Whereas there is absolutely no shortage of GT3s around basically any race track across Europe, the GT2 remains an absolute rarity to spot across the open road. This Midnight Blue (or is it Lapis?) example on E88 BBS wheels happily received proper track time.

3. Porsche 997 Sport Classic

Only 250 Sport Classic cars were built to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Porsche Exclusive, making it a near-impossible car to spot in the wild, even at Porsche meetings. This year we were rewarded for our patience.

The combination of its unique Sport Classic finish on black Fuchs-inspired wheels, with ducktail and double-bubble roof make this car an instant classic. It’s hard to get enough of the Sport Classic, and our guess is that it will only become even more desirable as its age progresses.

2. Porsche 911 R

The original godfather of all that is rennsport, clubsport or leichtbau. Call it what you want, but seeing the little nimble ’69 Porsche 911 R in the flesh is somewhat of a surreal experience, with only 20 cars rumoured to be produced. It looks very small in proportion to present-day 911s, yet in pedigree it still overshadows most of them. The double exhaust pipes, the lightweight tail lights or even the door handles: this is a wonderful piece of Porsche motorsport history and we felt privileged to see it up close.

Looking back at the first 9 cars of the top 10 it’s hard to imagine another 911 to top off the countdown. We can already give away that we did not see any 993 GT2 or original 2.7L Carrera RS, making it less obvious for a first choice. Be patient and we’ll disclose it very soon this week, together with a full photo report of the event. Stay tuned!

Honourable mentions that missed our top-10 by less than an inch: a brilliant 993 Carrera RS, a Racing Yellow 991 R, a terrific 993 Carrera S Vesuvio, a 997 GT3 RS 4.0L, a G Series Carrera RSR, a Guards Red 964 Turbo 3.6L X88, a Rubystone 964 Carrera RS, a 964 Speedster and a G Series Speedster (Turbo look). If that doesn’t excite you to join the Porsche Days already next year, we don’t know what will!