[Gallery] The 991 GT3 in Evo Car Pictures of the Week

Many words have been used to eulogise the greatness of the GT3, at just about any moment where the car was introduced to the then-current 911 range. The latest iteration of the driver's favourite 911 rendered euphoric reactions due to the long-awaited return of the manual gearbox. Combined with the profoundly impressive 4-litre naturally aspirated flat-six, the current GT3 represents the heart and soul of modern Porsche purism. 

From the likes of Evo, the current GT3 experience seems somewhat overwhelming, or in their words: "The engine note hardens at 7,000rpm and the rev-counter needle explodes around the dial, engine speed rising so quickly and ferociously you swear something is about to blow up. Over the final dash to 9,000rpm it sounds like a bandsaw cutting through stone, and the intensity of the delivery doubles while the acceleration becomes unbearable."

The curvy B roads of North Wales provide the perfect setting for a long drive in the GT3, giving way to a wonderful series of photos, courtesy of Evo Magazine.  This example is finished in non-metallic Guards Red over black wheels, fitted with the no-miss Clubsport Package and PCCBs.